Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween 2013

One thing I learned early on with stickers is that they don't need to be used as they are packaged. Stickers can be cut apart, dis-assembled and re-assembled as needed and some even colored. I took advantage of these techniques in making these two cards.
The first card started with a laser cut over sized sticker from Mrs. Grossman's picturing a tree with several small crows. The sticker's original shape was rectangular which I changed to oval by adhering the sticker to an ivory piece of paper and then using an oval die cut to eliminate the original square frame. To emphasize the crow concept I added a large glittered crow sticker from Martha Stewart/E.K. Success, whose eye I colored with some red glitter glue.
The second card also started with a laser cut Mrs. Grossman's sticker. This time I adhered it to a white piece of paper and then colored the background as needed. The paper background was trimmed to fit the frame of the sticker and then the panel was added to a pale green card. This time I added glittered bat stickers from Martha Stewart/E.K. Success to emphasize the haunted house theme.
The original stickers are great by themselves but a little personalization never hurts!