Saturday, January 31, 2015

Magazine Column

I'm very happy and proud to announce that starting with the July 2015 of "Scrap & Stamp Arts" I will officially become part of their family with a regular column on masculine cards. The idea is that I will write short articles with accompanying new cards  ... all masculine themed! This falls beautifully into place with my new year's resolution to concentrate a little more on masculine themed cards. The cards will not only use stamped images but stickers and even die cuts.  


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Foiling technique - to be perfected!

I truly enjoy metals and especially "foil" as a finish for my cards ... the problem is the technique is not the easiest (at least not for me). Last year a major manufacturer came out with stencils, glue and special foil paper and tried to revitalize the process ... I tried it but the results were not that great. Another manufacturer came out with pre-design double sided adhesive to be used with the foil ... but the cost seemed high. After the Holidays I found the entire line on clearance at my local craft store and decided to give them a try. I decided to make a masculine themed Easter card.

The process is simple ... the double sided adhesive pattern is nestled between two protective sheets. First the backing sheet needs to be carefully pealed away. The adhesive is then laid on the card and gently rubbed in place before the second protective layer is removed. Finally a sheet of foil is laid over the adhesive and rubbed down to transfer the metallic finish. Unfortunately I wanted a shimmering paper for the background and the only one I had on hand happened to be textured ... take it from me this was not the way to go. Anyway, I added a die cut cross (Magenta) and a quick sticker text to complete the card.   The scan does not do the card justice but I have to admit that the textured paper is a problem!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year 2015

2015 will be the year for me to go back to my original reasons for making cards (almost 40 years ago)! I started to make cards because I couldn't find appropriate masculine themed cards and to find a less expensive way to send a card. Over the years I've wondered away from both. I have also amassed a huge amount of supplies so  much so that I've also made the resolution not to buy any new supplies in 2015. To show everyone how sincere I am at my goal ... here are five cards to illustrate the theme. 

I used one stamp in five different ways; which include creating my own 3D effect,


These are simple to make and each one uses very few supplies ... basically besides the single  stamp all I used was black or brown ink, a bunch of solid colored papers and water colors. I will continue making these cards through out the year ... starting with Valentine's Day.