Friday, June 1, 2012

Simple sticker scenes

I've been making "scenes" using stickers for a long time but recently have expanded the idea to create more impressive scenes by adding a second scene outside the outlines of the first one.  Here are some examples.


All the stickers used in the creation of the background of these scenes are old "Design Lines from Mrs. Grossman's" or the smaller "Sticko/E.K. Success" stickers. I start creating the scene by using various stickers and overlapping them from the smallest in the far distance to the larger nearer to the front of the scene on a larger piece of paper. I then cut out the best part of the scene by using either an oval or round die from "Spellbinders". Once the scene is located on the card and to finish the card I create further depth by adding stickers to create a second scene extending from beyond the basic outline of the first one.


  1. Love these, John. You really create works of art on your cards. Wish I had your artistic talent.

  2. These are stunning; and it was really interesting to read how you make them!!

  3. Wow that is so clever and creative with delightful results.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I'm a new follower. Be well Carole

  4. This has inspired me to use some of my husband's wonderful landscape photos in cards. I really appreciate the masculine look in your cards as they are so hard to do without looking trite.