Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scrap & Stamp Arts All Star issue - January 2011

No cards to day, just some bragging. Today I received my advanced copy of the January 2011 "Scrap & Stamp Arts" entitled "The Best of the Best - Industry All Stars". It was no surprise that I was included in the issue as the magazine contacted me back in July to inform me of the honor and also to ask me to submit an article and cards specifically created for the issue. What surprised me was that when I looked through the magazine out of the fifteen people selected I was one of the few that is not a stamp company owner, creator or designer of stamps or associated as a designer for a specific manufacturer or company. I had assumed (yes I know what happens when you assume) that the people selected would all have been home based card making enthusiasts such as myself, not professionals. To be included with these professionals takes the honor of having been selected as an "all star" designer of 2010 one step higher.

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