Thursday, March 3, 2011

More St. Patrick's Day cards

These two cards were made using patterned paper (Deja Views - Lucky Days Shamrock Big Stripes). The paper in itself was beautiful with portions being foiled in gold as well as texted in gold.
For the firs card I used the patterned papers flourishes and stripes as my background. I embellished the printed stripe pattern with green sticker lines (Mrs. Grossman's Design Lines). To finish the concept I added a 3D button sticker (Reminisce) in the middle of the flourish and surrounded it with green heart stickers (Mrs. Grossman's).
For the second card I cut out the texted stripe from the patterned paper and adhered it to a mirrored gold piece of paper (The Paper Company) that I edged punched with a scalloped design (E.K. Success/Martha Stewart). I then added leprechaun stickers (Mrs. Grossman's) at the tope and bottom of the text and a lace edge (Mrs. Grossman's). To make the card I cut out the foiled geometric design stripe from the patterned paper and edged the right side of the card with it. I then overlaid the rest over it.


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