Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Printed acetate frame overlays.

Spring sale at the local craft store led me to make some unexpected purchases ... a box of pre-made dies which also included printed acetate overlays. The smaller acetates were usable but the rest were frames. The ones in the box I got fit well centered on a 5"x 6 1/2" card but were just a slightly too big for the 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" cards I usually make. My first reaction was to chuck the frame overlays (after all I only paid $1.00 for the entire package) but then I took a second look at them.
The first card is a 5"x 6 1/2" that I made for Easter. I used two of the acetate overlays full size over one another as the background. The overall background of the one had a slight greenish tint to it; which I emphasized by mounting them on a light green background paper before mounting them on a white card. I added flower stickers in the upper left and lower right corners to finish the frame effect.
The second card is a 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" and required the acetate frame to be cut apart and re-assembled. I chose to only frame portions of the card leaving the upper right corner empty. The card was scanned and the edge of the acetate shows up much more than it does on the actual card. I added a 3D glittered sticker to add interest and depth to the overall image. The final touch was a pre-made texted tag. The acetates I used are lightly glittered; which add another level of depth to the card.


  1. Hi John! Had to visit some of my cyber-friends and invite you to visit tomorrow for my first day on the Design Team (my 1st DT). I'd be thrilled if you stop by! Your two cards are absolutely beautiful, as always!

  2. You are just so artistic. Thinking out of the box