Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mrs. Grossman's Campaign.

As many of you know I have a long standing love affair with Mrs. Grossman's stickers. Over the years I have amassed a huge collection of her stickers and have recently been asked to be part of their team by creating cards using their latest stickers to be posted as inspiration on their Face book and web site. That's great ... but what about the stickers that have been retired? Those are some of my favorites, especially the Design Line and the laser cut ones. These are no longer available (except in one place) and as my supplies starts to dwindle I've decided to start a one man campaign to convince Mrs. Grossman's to re-issue some of these incredible classics. To  make my point I've been making cards and sending them in to Mrs. Grossman's. Here are some examples ... from the super simple to the multi-layered.

The first one is made with four stickers: a teddy bear, a small red heart, a single red rose and a laser cut text colored in red using a marker.What makes this card special is the laser cut text. These script type texts were cut from a white paper but can easily be colored with markers or ink pads.

The second one is made up of three Christmas wreath released on different years embellished with small sticker bows and a text sticker. The one wreath is rather large and to make the most of it I cut so I could spread it over the card.

The final one was made a couple of years ago using the Design Line Lace edge, which I used to trim the card and mitered the corners. I also use a Laser cut lace heart as the background for a rub-on glittered heart.

I plan on making more cards and posting them in as many places as I can ... who knows many it will work!


  1. John, If your wizardry with these stickers don't convince the folks over at Mrs. Grossman's... Nothing will. :)

  2. Flood her with them. These are lovely, especially the valentine