Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrate Day 3!

The last card is the result of the first two cards as far as materials and theme go, but taken one step further. I had bought ribbon for the first card and saw there was an accompanying ribbon that represented the flag, which was the theme I used for the second card. But I needed to add something and this time I wanted more than just sparkly stickers for fire work bursts.

The card was made by taking the one flag ribbon and creating a vertical center panel running down the card, then the second ribbon was used as a banner accros the breakline between the field of stars and the stripes. The tag was another piece from the K & Company sticker set that I used on the first card and which complimented the composition and theme of the new card. But I wanted more! The tag included a couple of small rhinestone like stars and I decided to expand on these and replace the fire work bursts with more rhinestone stars. Happy 4th of July, enjoy the celebrations, the food and the fireworks.

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