Monday, July 11, 2011

Monochromatic Schemes.

Sometimes when I pull out my papers or my stickers I wonder what possessed me to buy a certain one.  That was the case with this wonderful patterned paper and these brown/warm toned 3D flower stickers that I've had for a couple of years and just never did anything with either of them.  I found inspiration while using some other stickers and papers.

The first card turned out the inspiration piece.  I started with the blue and cream patterned paper from Anna Griffin and then went looking for a matching sticker.  the love birds were perfect, especially since the blue color was repeated.  The rest was just layering various blue and cream papers.  The addition of the Mrs. Grossman's sticker text finished the card of beautifully.

The second card was the challenge but it quickly came together once I started on it.  Both the patterned paper from Generations and the 3D flower stickers from K & Company had the burned sienna color tone to them and although I knew they would be perfect for each other, I just wasn't sure were to start.  Once I framed the patterned paper on a burned sienna piece of paper from Die Cut with a View everything just fell in place.  U cut up the 3D flower sticker; which I then re-arranged over the flower pattern of the paper making sure the tendrils and flourishes remained visible.  A simple computer generated text finished off the card.

The single color theme is one of my favorite and I believe these two cards are perfect example of monochromatic color schemes that are anything but bland.

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