Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All occassion blank card

As much as I like framing my images on my cards and creating scenes I also like to cut up my stickers to make them fit the overall design and size of the card.

The card's background was made using two shades of blue  to match the color of the one large Pansy which were cut using a Spellbinder die set.  The flowers are a dollar store find and are made up of several 3D glittered and rhinestone covered stickers from one package. Some of the stickers I cut apart and re-assembled to create a fuller look (such as the flowers on the lower right portion) while others I trimmed to give a more specific shape (like the flowers in the pitcher) and then I used the trimmed off flowers to create an even deeper 3D look by adding them on top of another layer.

Although it's a lot of detailed work, cutting up and trimming stickers is made easier if you lay the sticker on wax paper and use a very sharp Exacto knife (scissors tend to flatten the 3D stickers). You'd be surprised how much you can do to a sticker!