Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tole Flower Card

I recently received some "DufexTole" die-cut metallic paper roses. At first the metallic glossy finish turned me off but the more I studied them the more I became challenged at how I could use these foiled pieces of paper. I finally decided that the best way to deal with the glossy finish was to emphazise it rather than to ignore it.

To do this I started by using a metallic aloe green paper from "The Paper Company" for the card itself. I then used a multi-finish gold vinyl sticker frame from "Starform" on a scrap piece of texted paper from "K & Company/E.K. Success". Actually the paper was the backing from one of their sticker packs and these usually have a glossy finish as well. I trimmed the backing paper 1/8" larger than the frame sticker and then adhered the panel to the card. After assembling the multi-layered rose together using raised adhesive dots, I attached it to the lower portion of the frame leaving room for future text. The final touch was a silk bow from "Anna Griffin".

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