Monday, September 26, 2011

Beautiful sexy witch!

This is a card from 2006 using a computer free clip art image.  Rarely do you find such a beautiful sexy witch and let's face it: Samantha Stevens proved that witches were and are beautiful sexy creatures.  I mounted the image on orange colored paper and then on black paper.  The corners are Mrs. Grossman's bat stickers.

Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to actually download the image and save it.  All I did was print it out.  Now years later I can't find it ... should you find it, please let me know!


  1. It does look similar John. I'm sure I got my image from Sherry years ago. I will have to go searching, I probably have a sheet of images somewhere with the website. Beautiful card! I loved Bewitched!

  2. I love vintage Halloween; this is awesome. The little bats look like "bat" photo corners! Neat trick!