Friday, May 27, 2011

Father's Day - part 3: Fun!

Here are some carsd that I made for Father's Day without a special theme in mind other than they're fun.

The first one uses Sandylion stickers on a retro/vintage paper from Hot Off the Press. Every father deserves a nice easy chair!

The second was made using all Mrs. grossman's stickers and I think the text says it all!

For the third card I finally gave in and used some alcoholic references (again dad deserves a drink now and then). These are stickers from Sticko/E.K. Success (they have a similar sheet for wine drinkers - oops I meant connaiseurs). The background paper is from Colorbok.


  1. That Easy Chair is perfect with that retro paper. What a fun card!

  2. John, I agree with Paula; I love the retro easy chair card!!